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An Art Deco solitaire diamond ring with diamond and calibre cut sapphire shoulders

An Art Deco solitaire diamond ring


Couples often seek classic style in a ring for the romantic associations and timelessness – particularly if they intend the ring to become a family heirloom passed down the generations.

While this classic early Art Deco engagement or dress ring subtly embodies the new Art Deco aesthetic the ring shows the lingering influence of classic Edwardian design and aesthetic reassuringly familiar to buyers.

The design with the traditional symbol of love a beautiful solitaire old cut white diamond in a beautiful intricate setting is a timeless classic popular in all periods. The setting with a slim dome shape formed by the shoulders and gallery reflects the familiar classic elegance and femininity of Edwardian rings. However the Art Deco aesthetic modifying and reworking the Edwardian design is evident in the subtle geometric shape of the dome formed by the line of the flattened shoulders meeting the gallery whereas an Edwardian dome would be curved. The difference in design is subtle but significant. The French cut sapphires graduated in an elongated triangle in the shoulders emphasise the linear geometry of the design while providing the strong colour contrast popular in Art Deco jewellery. The pierced design of the gallery with three “leaves” joined at the top outlined with millegrain is surrounded by carved leaves repeated below the gem shoulders on the band elongating and continuing the Vee design of the shoulders. Interestingly this design detail features in another of our early Art Deco ring mounts. Fine millegrain popular in Edwardian jewellery continued to be a feature of Art Deco jewellery adding interest and scintillation to edges and an impression of luxury. However the ring has a slightly bolder, simpler and more modern feel than the more feminine and dainty Edwardian rings embody.

The ring is a fascinating example of how classic design evolves in jewellery reflecting different social periods and lifestyles and in doing so remains relevant but also fresh and desirable for each era. Art Deco jewellery is regarded as the first modern jewellery. Much of the enduring popularity of Art Deco engagement rings is due to their modernity and relevance allied to timelessness, fine period design, detail and workmanship.

A very special jewel at a special price for the month of June.

2000 0486

Very good
Art Deco, 1920s

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